Relaxing Massage


Relaxing Massage Services

Stress can manifest in many different ways: tension in the back and shoulders, pain, and stiffness. It's not pleasant, but if you're looking to relax, Lady Grace Beauty Spa, we offer a variety of massage services, including Swedish massage and back massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is perhaps the best-known technique in massage therapy. A recognizable feature is soft long massaging strokes toward the heart. There are four main strokes in this modality:

  • Effleurage: This movement is the long stroke used to relax muscles;
  • Petrissage: after effleurage this technique includes squeezing and kneading of the muscles;
  • Friction: circular motions that push deep into the layers of tissue. This stroke is known for breaking down scar tissue, and improving blood flow; and
  • Tappotement: This is the shortest of the movements. A massage therapist alternates tapping of the fingers, side of the hand, and their cupped hands.

As a technique, Swedish massage is known to reduce tension, decrease toxins in the blood, increase oxygen levels, and increase a patient's flexibility. It is a full-body massage technique.

Back massage

This is a bit of a misnomer. It's not a specific type of massage, but when a person has serious back pain, Swedish or another style of massage can decrease the individual's pain. Deep Tissue, Swedish, and hot stone massage can be particularly helpful in alleviating back pain.

There are other massage styles and techniques in the industry. They include hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, reflexology, and Thai massage.

If you're in need of a fabulous, relaxing massage in order to relax or to relieve back pain, we can accommodate, with 60, or 90 minute sessions and at several price points. Contact Lady Grace Beauty Spa today by calling 813-997-3414